“Views From A Dreamer” *BONUS* Episode: Featuring Where Do You Dream Founder Latisha Carr

“Views From A Dreamer” is a podcast highlighting the Dreamers that are not afraid to go for what they want.

This *Bonus* Episode is a special episode to get to know Latisha aka Tish, the Founder of Where Do You Dream. Tish is interviewed by Keith Pollard of @BlackOutFearlessProud to share with her fellow Dreamers a little bit about her and the Where Do You Dream Movement.




Views From A Dreamer Ep. 2 Featuring Raevyn Jones

Where Do You Dream is bringing you a new podcast! I am so excited to announce “Views From A Dreamer” Podcast. This Podcast will feature Dreamers who are moving their own Dreams forward, unapologetically!

This week’s episode is featuring Founder of Fire Your Boss Academy, Raevyn Jones. Raevyn is a millennial woman empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their vision as a full time entrepreneur. Hear how she’s built her dreams, why she started Fire Your Boss Academy, and more!

“Views From A Dreamer” Episode 1: featuring El Lambert

“Views From A Dreamer” is a podcast highlighting the Dreamers that are not afraid to go for what they want.

The inaugural episode features an up and coming artist and self-proclaimed Artrepreneur from Washington, DC named El Lambert who shares his journey to getting to his dream and shares tips to other Dreamers looking to move forward with their dreams.

Will You Rejuvenate Your 2016 Dreams?

Just that quick we are more than halfway through 2016! This year is flying, and I don’t know about everyone else but the year has been full of new challenges and exciting new opportunities. For me, it’s exactly what I asked for this year, but that does not mean it has been easy! I have moved to DC, started offering Life Coaching services, and have traveled back and forth to San Diego four times already this year!  I have been working to create more of the life I have envisioned for myself, practiced what I preach, and racking up some battle wounds along the way! All in the name of Dream Chasing!

This is the point in the year many of us will look back over the last half of the year and determine whether or not we have come as far as we anticipated. Most of us will use this as a time to be hard on ourselves, but I am going to challenge you to use it as a time to turn up! Turn up on your goals, get refocused, and rejuvenated on your dreams. Spend time getting to know your “why” and use it as your focus to get to the next level this year.

What will it take to get you to where you want to be between now and December 31, 2016? Whatever it will take, make a plan to make it possible. You already have within you the ability to do what it is you have set out to do; it is now time for you to figure out the resources needed to support you in your vision. You can spend the next few months “wishing and hoping” or you can spend the next few months “declaring and fulfilling” your own dreams and destiny. Which will you choose for yourself?

Comparison is a Distraction

The Dreamer’s Truth: Comparison is a Distraction


As we scroll down our Facebook and Instagram timelines, watch our Snapchat feed and see all the amazing things people we grew up with, met in college, or wished we knew do it can be difficult not to allow ourselves to fall into the slippery abyss of comparison. Even when we ourselves are doing amazing things we often do not give ourselves any room to enjoy our own lives that we are creating. When people compliment us on what we are doing or the things that we have accomplished we generally say “thank you” to be polite but in our mind there is a dialogue that likely sounds something like “yeah, but I could be doing more of this…or that”. Sometimes the internal dialogue gets really mean and can tell us we are not good enough or we don’t deserve any of the things we dream of. Spending too much time listening to those internal thoughts will kill a dream faster than anything external.


Comparing ourselves to others does not allow us to truly enjoy our own experiences. You may not be flying first class just yet, but that does not make your traveling experience any less exciting. Maybe you do not have a brand new car, but that does mean your road trips are any less valuable. There is so much to see, learn, and enjoy throughout our lives that we lose focus on when we begin comparing our journey to someone else’s journey. Our real life cannot be compared to someone else’s highlight reels. Consider that your own dreams require you to be present in your own current moment. You may miss out on the best parts of life if you take your eye off of your own journey for too long.


There is a lesson in each level of our lives. Each experience gives us new perspectives and new opportunities for growth. Also each level, if we allow it, has it’s own fun and excitement. Spending too much time in comparison can kill the joy of your moment. Practice enjoying the moment and enjoying your journey each day by doing whatever it takes to break the cycle of comparison. Enjoy each day, each moment, and each mile of the journey to your dreams.




Peace and Blessings Dreamers

How Being Muted Will Benefit Your Dreams

Have you ever been on the phone with someone and all of a sudden they can’t hear anything you are saying? You realize quickly that somehow your phone became muted and everything you had to say in that moment went unheard. No matter how loud you would have been talking, they would not have been able to hear what you had to say. Sometimes in life it feels like we are consistently on mute. Like no matter what we do or say, no one is able to really hear or understand us.


As dreamers, we have these big dreams we are shouting from the mountaintops about, but it can be hard to get that message across to even the closest people in our lives. Often in life no matter how much we try to explain our dreams to others, they will never truly understand the vision we are trying to express to them. We could continue to scream it from the mountaintops and people would not understand it any clearer. But guess what…that’s okay! Just like the mute button on our phones serve a purpose, the equivalent is true in our lives and with our dreams. Our dreams are not for everyone to hear. It is actually better that more people are not able to understand because that shows you that God has put this special vision only in your heart.


Sometimes we may be required to work hard in silence, not yelling from the mountaintops, and without everyone understanding our next move. Our hard work will eventually speak for us, and people will gain a clearer understanding of what have envisioned for ourselves. Every move you make doesn’t require an announcement; allow your progress to speak for you. Let the muted moments be a time for you to work on your dream with intent and focus. Do not be discouraged from your dreams from others lack of understanding.

Why You Need to Be Persevering through Rejection

Why You Need to Be Persevering through Rejection

Let me be honest…rejection sucks! No one enjoys rejection no matter if it is personal or in business. It is not a great feeling to hear that you do not qualify, did not make the cut, or simply were unwanted for something (or even someone). Rejection however should never be taken to heart. It is easy to allow ourselves to dwell in feeling unwanted or disregarded, especially when we feel like the rejection is a direct hit against our dreams. There will be times when people will turn down your ideas that you believe are brilliant, or people will not support your big dreams. Those days will come, but most successful people push past rejection into their own greatness.

There is a wealth inside you that cannot be rejected by anyone. What has been placed in your heart to do and that you know to be your purpose cannot be rejected or disregarded by anyone if you are truly dedicated to it. The thing about rejection is that is often a blessing in disguise and can serve as a hint from the universe. Many times we are rejected because a situation or a person would not serve our purpose in the best way. Other times rejection can mean we have an area that needs to be strengthened before we can take a step to the next level. Although in the moment rejection can be mentally and emotionally painful, looking at it from a different perspective can give you insight on how to get to your next level in spite of the initial feelings. Dreamers don’t let a few rejections stand in their way. They fight for their purpose and live for each opportunity that they create. Giving up is not an option. The only option is to push through until the next door opens.

Rejection has its place in each of our lives. It is there to challenge us to do better, dream bigger, work harder, and endure longer. It can only disempower you if you allow it. Rejection has no home in the heart or mind of a dreamer. It cannot be allowed to stay there and linger. It must be used only as motivation to grow. Allowing it to do anything else takes the power away from you and your dreams. Empower your dreams by not allowing rejection to serve as a distraction or discouragement in your life. Accept it for what it is, learn from it, and keep it moving. Your dreams don’t have time for you to through pity parties. This is your season to reach your next level, don’t allow anything to hold you back.

Will you persevere in spite of rejections Dreamers?

Peace and Blessings Dreamers!

Why There Is So Much Beauty in Insignificance

Why There Is So Much Beauty in Insignificance


Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to go on my very first cruise to the Cayman Islands, and I have to say I was totally overwhelmed! Overwhelmed in the greatest way, but still overwhelmed. Being so far out at sea for so many days was extremely awe-inspiring to me. The ocean is so beautiful and I love going to the beach, but it was something so much different about being on a ship completely surrounded by beautiful blue ocean. It was magical. It was heavenly. It was also an enormous reminder of how small my problems are compared to how big the worlds is, and how little of this world my problems and me occupy.


For much of those five days I could look for miles and miles and not see a piece of land. It was a space were there were no car problems, apartments to pay rent for, bills to pay, or work to worry about as far as I could see, and in those moments I realized all of my problems and concerns were left hundreds of miles a way. With that thought I decided to enjoy the peace. The peace that comes with knowing all of your problems are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There is peace that comes with being among people who are just happy to be getting away from their day-to-day lives too. A time where life does not feel so rough, but feels like a time where everyone is full of joy and energy. The peace that comes from hearing the ocean and seeing the blue sky, and knowing the same God that created all of that beauty also created you.


Although I am now back to reality and no longer have the ocean to reflect on, this week I have vowed that whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed with the tasks of the day and the duties of the week I will look to the sky and other parts of nature and remind myself that the same God that created the infinite sky just as the ocean, created me as well. I challenge all of my Dreamers to find a reminder this week of how beautiful this world is outside of our insignificant problems and remember that you were created for a purpose outside of those problems and that freedom from the insignificant things will allow you to flourish into someone even more magnificent and beautiful.



Peace and Blessings Dreamers



Will you join the challenge this week Dreamer? Comment below or @wheredoyoudream on IG and tell let me know if you’re in!



Dream Outside of Fear Pt. 3 – Birthday Edition

Dream Outside of Fear Pt. 3 – Birthday Edition

Wow! I am officially 27 years old! Time absolutely flies! It seems as if the last 10 years of my life have happened so quickly. I distinctively remember my 17th birthday just like it was yesterday. I remember it because my grandmother, who always meant the world to me, had a stroke a few days before my birthday and was in the hospital when I turned 17. I don’t think I ever felt more vulnerable on a birthday ever in my life! Now flash-forward 10 years and I feel a different, yet similarly intense since of vulnerability as I did 10 years ago. This time because I have decided to practice what I preach and truly “Dream Outside of Fear”. I have taken on life changing ventures in the last few months, and although I am beyond excited about my next level, I am honestly terrified at this very moment as I walk toward it. Each day I feel a distinct feeling of fear of what’s next and excitement because I know that I am one step closer to many of my dreams.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned about “Dreaming Outside of Fear” over the past few months, and how when you set your intentions on next level living you better be prepared for all the hard work, trials, and dedication it takes to get there.

Time to Glow Up

As dreamers we have to allow ourselves to go after our next level, even when we are not sure how it will all come together. Giving ourselves the option to walk into a new light and shine is the only way we will grow into the person that is able to reach those big dreams we have.

I have spent the majority of my 27 years of life living in West Virginia, and although no one ever guesses that I only recently decided to take a step out on faith and move to DC. I spent the last two years living at home with my mom and aunt, and although I am so very thankful to have family and friends I can count on in WV, it was time for me to spread my wings. It has been quite an adventure over the last few months, but I can feel the growth happening since I made my move. It was time for me to move on from my comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. Nothing great comes from comfort. Move on and glow up.

Be Careful What You Wish For…God Will Give It To You!

When you have big dreams, sometimes it feels as if you will never reach the level that you can actually attain them. We have to remember that all things happen in due time, and although everything may not show up in your life the way you specifically envisioned it, keep your mind open to how God can make things happen for you in unique ways.

Since I was in high school I have told people about a dream I have to live bi-coastal. I have always wanted to live part of my time on the East Coast, and a part of my time on the West Coast. To be honest I am not even sure where that vision for my life came from initially, but it has been a vision for my life for many years. Recently I began working with an amazing Life Coach, and she urged me to learn more about a Life Coaching Certification program that she had went through. It happened to have training sessions starting on March 26 in San Diego. After looking into the program, praying, and consulting with my wonderful roommate, I decided to go for it! So now I will be spending at least one weekend a month over the next six months in San Diego, California! Bi-coastal living right? See what I mean? Although it’s not nearly as luxurious as I had envisioned all these years (well not yet at least), it’s absolutely a dream come true! It involves its own set of new challenges and obstacles for me to overcome, but that’s all a part of the journey.

Embrace the Fear

Fear has a purpose in our lives. It is our warning signal that we are stepping into something unfamiliar. Fear plays an important role in our survival as human being’s, but we can not allow it to stop us from living the life we dream of. There are so many people in this world living below their own greatness because of fear. They are afraid they won’t be good enough and they are afraid they won’t know how to survive outside of their comfort zone.

My comfort zone is a great place, just as yours probably is too, but neither of us will ever achieve any thing great living in that space. We may achieve a few things here and there, but imagine what life is like outside of that fear. What if we can take that fear and harness it into hard work and effort? Imagine the great things that would come from that. Right now I am swimming in fear. I am sometimes sitting with so much fear of the unknown that it brings me to tears. I don’t always know how I am going to make things happen, but I have decided to harness that fear and allow it to motivate and encourage me rather than hold me back. At this point I am figuring things out creatively because I have to, because the fear is pushing me to find my next level.

In the 27th year of my life I declare that I will allow the feelings of vulnerability and fear push me to my next level. I’m moving on to a next level that I can be proud of and that would have my grandmother smiling down from heaven about. A next level that in 10 years I can look back and say, wow you have come so far! Will you challenge yourself to do the same Dreamers?

Why I am Chasing Caterpillars in 2016

A couple weeks ago I was talking to one of my best friends and he made a statement to me that I do not think I’ll ever forget. He told me a story about a young boy and his dad. The young boy told his dad he wanted to catch a butterfly, after a few days the son came back and stated that he was not able to catch any of the butterflies he wanted. His dad sat him down and said “son do you see that caterpillar?” The son said yes. The dad replied “son, go catch the caterpillar”. The son was resistant and told his father he did not want the caterpillar. He wanted the beautiful butterfly. The dad replied to him “catch the caterpillar and be patient, you will get your butterfly”.


My friend was telling me this story on a day that I was at crossroad in some decision-making. He told me this story to encourage me to go after something I wanted, but to go about it differently than I had been. I will be forever grateful for this conversation because although my friend and I were talking about one subject, it resonated over a lot of the decisions I was contemplating for my dreams over the past few weeks. It took me two weeks but I decided to stop chasing the butterflies of quick money or opportunities, and instead have some patience with the caterpillars that are better known as my dreams.


Although the idea of “chasing caterpillars” may seem silly to some, I recognize that my vision for my future is much greater than the quick fix of “catching the butterfly”. In life we often want to jump on the most outwardly appealing opportunities and the opportunities that will provide a quick fix to a problem we have. Those things are the butterflies of our lives, those are the shiny new and beautiful things that don’t always teach us anything or help us grow in any particular way. Instead we should chase the caterpillars of life because although it takes time and patience for those types of opportunities to grow into something beautiful, we learn the most during those moments of patience that is required to get to the next level.


Most of us have heard the saying “don’t diss the caterpillar then sweat the butterfly”. Think of your dreams and your vision for your life in that way. Don’t diss the patience it takes to get to your next level. Make decisions for yourself and your dreams that although they may take longer will be worth it in the long run for you. I’ve made several decisions this week alone that are the longer, more difficult journey toward my dreams, but they are toward what I want for myself, not just what will look good to others or that will be a quick fix to my problems. Be patient with yourself and be patient with your dreams and it will all be worth it in the end.


As always, Peace and Blessings Dreamers!



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