Comparison is a Distraction

The Dreamer’s Truth: Comparison is a Distraction


As we scroll down our Facebook and Instagram timelines, watch our Snapchat feed and see all the amazing things people we grew up with, met in college, or wished we knew do it can be difficult not to allow ourselves to fall into the slippery abyss of comparison. Even when we ourselves are doing amazing things we often do not give ourselves any room to enjoy our own lives that we are creating. When people compliment us on what we are doing or the things that we have accomplished we generally say “thank you” to be polite but in our mind there is a dialogue that likely sounds something like “yeah, but I could be doing more of this…or that”. Sometimes the internal dialogue gets really mean and can tell us we are not good enough or we don’t deserve any of the things we dream of. Spending too much time listening to those internal thoughts will kill a dream faster than anything external.


Comparing ourselves to others does not allow us to truly enjoy our own experiences. You may not be flying first class just yet, but that does not make your traveling experience any less exciting. Maybe you do not have a brand new car, but that does mean your road trips are any less valuable. There is so much to see, learn, and enjoy throughout our lives that we lose focus on when we begin comparing our journey to someone else’s journey. Our real life cannot be compared to someone else’s highlight reels. Consider that your own dreams require you to be present in your own current moment. You may miss out on the best parts of life if you take your eye off of your own journey for too long.


There is a lesson in each level of our lives. Each experience gives us new perspectives and new opportunities for growth. Also each level, if we allow it, has it’s own fun and excitement. Spending too much time in comparison can kill the joy of your moment. Practice enjoying the moment and enjoying your journey each day by doing whatever it takes to break the cycle of comparison. Enjoy each day, each moment, and each mile of the journey to your dreams.




Peace and Blessings Dreamers