How Being Muted Will Benefit Your Dreams

Have you ever been on the phone with someone and all of a sudden they can’t hear anything you are saying? You realize quickly that somehow your phone became muted and everything you had to say in that moment went unheard. No matter how loud you would have been talking, they would not have been able to hear what you had to say. Sometimes in life it feels like we are consistently on mute. Like no matter what we do or say, no one is able to really hear or understand us.


As dreamers, we have these big dreams we are shouting from the mountaintops about, but it can be hard to get that message across to even the closest people in our lives. Often in life no matter how much we try to explain our dreams to others, they will never truly understand the vision we are trying to express to them. We could continue to scream it from the mountaintops and people would not understand it any clearer. But guess what…that’s okay! Just like the mute button on our phones serve a purpose, the equivalent is true in our lives and with our dreams. Our dreams are not for everyone to hear. It is actually better that more people are not able to understand because that shows you that God has put this special vision only in your heart.


Sometimes we may be required to work hard in silence, not yelling from the mountaintops, and without everyone understanding our next move. Our hard work will eventually speak for us, and people will gain a clearer understanding of what have envisioned for ourselves. Every move you make doesn’t require an announcement; allow your progress to speak for you. Let the muted moments be a time for you to work on your dream with intent and focus. Do not be discouraged from your dreams from others lack of understanding.