Perfect Timing

We are days into the last month of the year. We all made resolutions or set goals, but a lot of us were waiting for the “perfect” time to reach those goals and ended up in December not knowing how time went so fast! We didn’t accomplish or in some cases even start to work on all the things we had planned for this year.

We all like to say “I would do (x) if only I had (y) and could do (z) too”. We like to build up our own ideas around needing the “perfect” time to chase the dreams we have created, but in reality there will never be a “perfect” time; there is only really the time we decide we are going to dedicate ourselves to the dreams we want to pursue.

In the remainder of 2014 and beyond I challenge myself and you to put your faith in your dreams. The time will never be perfect, there could always be better circumstances, but remember that God tells us “ALL things come together for good”. He will not give you a vision without the means to carry it out. Do not downplay your vision, goal, or dream because you believe you don’t have everything that you need at this time. Everything you need will be provided for you as you continue to work toward your dreams. Be patient, but always keep working and you will see your dream become a reality in God’s time.

What dreams will you chase into 2015 and beyond?

Perfect timing